Any aircraft wanted for display !

Hello, my name is Marian Madalin, mechanical engineer and aviation
passionate. I am trying to open myself a small aerospace museum or
open space for any kind of aircraft here in my country. The project is
entirely nonprofit and will be based exclusively on donations. It is
more like an educational project and background to inspire and
encourage young people, like students and school children to start a
career in this domain.

For the begining, can you consider helping me with a free charity
donation of any type of aircraft, plane or helicopter, even a glider ,
in any condition: small, big, civil/military, new, old, broken, rusty,
salvage, junk or even an airframe(an empty shell) ?
Even a parachute or even something related to aviation would be good.

If you have any other questions, please reply or call me at
+40748230945 or +40751657933.
Thank you.

Based on the country code, it looks like you are in Romania. The big issue will be transportation for anything aviation-related, and most of us are in the U.S.

There are many abandoned airplanes around the world, because after a point, they become uneconomic to use. I encourage you to ask at local airports to see what is available there. Also, many experimental class airplanes do not fly, and they tend to be small, so look especially for those. EAA might be a good association to ask about this.

Thank you for you kindness and good will, Tom Darden. Don’t worry about transportation, let me solve the problem. I am entirely nonprofit (I don’t have a business which makes money) , so I have some friends here in my country which work with global cargo companies. They will ensure the transportation is also free and no taxes. Please let me know what you have. Model type, serial number, condition, parts etc. Thank you. Wish you a succesful business year.

And by the way, EAA is just passing me from one member to another , saying they are just a simple association which has no possession of any stuff. And I cannot simply manage an airline jet like Boeing 747 donated by some airport here in Europe, it is too big. I need something alot smaller.

If you really think you can solve the transportation logistics (Talladega, AL) , my uncle might still have an aircraft he would donate. When he retired as Lt.Col. in the Air Force, he built and flew a LongEZ. Now in his 80s, he no longer flies, and several years ago he mentioned he would rather donate his plane to a museum than sell it to someone - for liability purposes. Not sure if he ever disposed of it, but I can ask.

For a split second I thought you were donating the Eclipse!!! [:)]

That’s just rude.[:)]

Well, please do ask, sir. May God Bless You. And for transparency and to eliminate doubt of fraud, we will sign an international donation contract recognized by lawyers from both countries with terms agreed by both parties. Thanks. Waiting for your answer. No matter if it is positive or negative, thank you again for your good will.

I’ve passed our conversation to Uncle Jack, so if he still has it, and is interested, he can contact you. Cheers, Steve


Sorry to let you know, Uncle Jack already donated his LongEZ to the Southern Museum of flight in BHM. Good luck on your quest. SteveG