My understanding is that a standard G5 Cirrus doesn’t have ADS-B In (though all G5 have ADS-B out). I read it could be added by installing a GDL-88 and traffic would show on the G1000 screen, is that correct?

Cirrus offers the “ACTIVE TRAFFIC INFORMATION” option for $21900 (on the SR20). Though that option may come with a GDL-88 or more stuff (unclear to me), what is the difference between that option and having a GDL-88 installed (except the later would cost ~$6K)?

Thanks for your insights.

I just save an ad for a Garmin GTX 345.

It stated that it was compatable with the Garmin GNS. I have a G3 TN SR22. With Avidyne and Garmin equipment. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

/s/ Tom Milam, Jr.

There is extensive discussion on this in the Avionics forum.

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