1st Generation SR 20 --- yes or no?

Ditto for all the comments out there. I had a 2000 SR20 (may it rest in peace…), and it was a great, great plane. Had a tendency to run thru landing lights and flap relays like no tomorrow, but those are minor issues compared to the value. Also, door could be ‘interesting’ to close, and several times the door popped open when we thought it had been closed. Not a big deal tho. If I was in the market, no question I would choose a 1st generation SR20, best value in aviation today…


To me, the biggest difference between G1 and G2 was the side door access to the parachute compartment. As other have mentioned, this adds cost to a repack, because I believe it means the rocket and chute must be removed via the top hatch, which means a repaint of that section of the fuselage when it’s replaced. That might be simple and inexpensive for some people; with no airplane paint shop within 2500 miles, it was a big deal for me. This hatch is also part of the after market electrical A/C modification if that’s important to you.

Though I am ready to sell my year 2000 G1, it is a great airplane and has been very little trouble for me for 16 years now. I’m thinking about making a SR22 move for more carry capacity, FIKI and air-conditioning finally but not because my G1 now with Avidyne and 2020 ready and 50 hours remanEd engine is not a great airplane.

I have always been amazed at how many things they got right on that first version , released aircraft.