In the market for a Cirrus

Hi all. I just sold my Bonanza V-35B and am looking at Cirrus SR20’s and would appreciate any assistance I might find here.

I am only in the market for around $130k so I understand I may be locked in to the first generation or a higher time 2nd generation 20. That said, I would like to know what the general consensus is among owners about the SR 20. I LIKE the half analog/half Avidyne panel of the first generation 20, so that is of no concern to me unless that panel has issues.

Most everyone I have spoken to says I am in for a shock when it comes to power. It it, apparently, very under powered. My V-35 will climb at 1200 fpm fully loaded and up to 1800 fpm (sustained) with just me in it. I’ve seen the books and don’t know how good this plane might be in the hot southwest. How does it do at high density-altitude airports?

I also understand I will suffer a fairly significant reduction in airspeed, so please let me know what realistic cruise numbers I can expect (power setting, IAS (knots), fuel flow, etc).

Please offer whatever info you might want to let go of. I would like to learn as much as I can during my purchase process. I plan to schedule a discovery flight at a local Cirrus place this week. (already flown in 22’s)

Thank you all!


I’ve owned a G1 20 since 2006. 138 kts at 9.5. MT prop opens up 40 lbs more useful load. ARNAV or Avidyne doesn’t matter - if Avidyne it’ll need engine monitoring. If ARNAV it’ll need a JPI-700. Call with questions.

What kind of speeds did you get leaned for best power?

Not Alex, but I typically get 135kts at 9,500’ using 60% power, which at LOP is 8.0gph. Much more miserly than a Bo.

Im looking for the speeds I can get without being miserly. I burned 17 an hour in the bonanza. What can I get at 75% power in the 20?

And if I pulled power to 55% in the bonanza, i could get 140k at 9.9 gallons all day long

Here’s what the POH says for 8,000’ at ISA:

Capture 2.JPG

Capture 2.JPG

My experience: more like 148-150kts at those settings. YMMV.

Thank you for that


I have a 2002 G1 that runs 140 KTAS at about 9.5 gal per hour. Never felt it was under-powered coming from a 172. I’ve flown it to the southwest in April and July without any problems.

It is nicely updated and for sale with a fresh service center annual. If you are interested I can send you additional information and links.

A link to the glass and 6 pack panel POH -

Matt I flew a G3 SR20 for 2 years. I ran it at 75% at best power at saw between 140-145kts easily. You could run it at best Economy and get a few knots less but this worked for me. I did burn around 13gph.

Matt- I just sold my G1 SR 20 this summer after about 450 hrs mostly here in the southeast and one trip out west to Vegas… Really low maintenance and actually a great plane that has suffered only inasmuch as it has been overshadowed by its bigger brother. I planned for 140kts ROP and didn’t plan on flying above 8-9 during the warm months. In the winter had no trouble climbing up to 12. Rate of climb kinda slow but I usually prefer to drop the nose to keep the engine cool and improve visibility. I actually really enjoyed the STEC 30 AP w alt hold- it kept me on my toes as far as hand flying approaches and was great for the climb (just used heading bug and trimmed for about 120kt) and the alt hold worked great for the enroute portions of flight. There were several times I can recall the aircraft being on the verge of not being able to hold altitude due to up/down drafts that we get coming over what we call mountains (southern Appalachian) around here during the winter months. I recall asking for a block altitude and doing ok- somewhat unnerving at the time. Certainly an advantage is that the IO360 seemed to be a bit easier on the pocketbook to maintain. No panel issues for me- I had the six pack. Much has been written about the Arnav so I wont go into all that- agree w others that your best bet is to go with a JPI for engine monitoring if you get an arnav airframe.

Thank you all very much for your replies. This has all heen a great help to me!