1 million Lumens ???

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Hi Scott!

The complete TriTip™ system is $7295 for the 60w units. That’s about 1 million lumens. Enough to light up the entire runway from 1/4 mile out. A delta of less than 2lbs. Unfortunately, it’s for the SR22 G3’s.


Here we go again, 1 million Lumens eh ??

I thought you guys were into speed mods. Did you realize that 1 million Lumens using HID would require about 11,000 to 12,000 watts of power, (yes that’s right ~12 thousand watts) that’s equal to about 16 horsepower. Assuming the 1 million is correct or even close, you would have a big generator on board to do this and it would require about 16 horsepower of work to accomplish. I don’t think anyone here would want to give up 16 hp for lighting. Bottom line I think Lopresti has a secret perpetual motion generator they install along with the lights. But golly gee wiz I have looked high and low on the aircraft and cant for the life of me figure out where they have hidden it.

I though we laid your false Lumens marketing claim to rest a year ago, evidently NOT. You cannot use lumens and candle power interchangeably. You might be producing 1 million CP (candlepower) but lumens, not on your life. You guys at Lopresti have been informed from many directions that these claims are ridiculous. How is it when you use 60 watts per light (input wattage not output wattage, industry std) Only the Chinese use input wattage for HID marketing (inflated numbers), everyone else uses output wattage for rating ballasts. Do you guys speak Mandarin Chinese down there in Florida now ??

How does one input 120 watts (60 X 2 lights) and get 12,000 watts of power out. You guys have discovered something new and you should market that instead, what an opportunity.

HID in the 50 to 70 watt range after ballasts efficiency losses (90% efficient at best) is about 90 lumens per watt. 1 million lumens divided by 90 lumens per watt output = over 11,000 so I rounded up to 12,000 ( little bit of “fudge factor”) Doing the math you are getting 100X more power out in the form of visible light than the power you are putting in.

You guys need to go back and retake high School Physics, or retire on the billions you could be making marketing this earth shattering technology you have single handedly developed. It exists nowhere else in the world so you guys better patent it before someone else does.

That’s because the guy who posted that (me) is a moron. It’s one million candela not lumens.
Someone should shoot the poor guy…

Rj Siegel

For clarification purposes, Candle power and candela have the same numerical values, only the name has changed. See Wikipedia see below.

Candlepower (abbreviated as cp) is a now-obsolete unit which was used to express levels of light intensity in terms of the light emitted by a candle of specific size and constituents. In modern usage Candlepower equates directly to the unit known as the candela.


Please dont use such vitriolic rhetoric?? You cant use the word shoot anymore.


Gosh Chuck…

I’m sorry, but I get so P.O.'d at our CEO when he has stupid brain farts. I’m passing a petition around the office to get him fired.