Landing light replacement for a G2

Hi We are new to COPA and are looking to replace our HID landing light with an LED one. We are currently looking at the Aeroled replacement and wondered if anyone has fitted the new six lens model that puts old 3300 Lumens and what their thoughts are ! Also would love to hear about other reasonably priced upgrades and outputs specs that other Cirrus owners have done. Many thanks and safe flying.

Rodger NZ

Welcome, Rodger!

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Thanks Gordon that would be great if you could do that until I get a handle on this. Could you also correct a mistake I made. That landing light I mentioned is 3300 lumens. I was looking at the wrong spec. Thank you

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I suspect 3300 lumens would be a lot dimmer than the stock HID. Our SunSpot LED is 11,000 lumens and I think is close to an HID setup.