Wing low problem

My SR 20 seems to fly nicely at 150 kts but seems to fly left wing low with AP engaged. Slight left rudder picks up the wing but when released in drops back a little. Even fuel but 1 pilot on board. Any ideas?

Bend rudder tab.

Nose wheel cocked to one side, usually after a crosswind take off?

Fly from the right seat, and burn fuel from the left tank.

Before she starts singing, position the Fat Lady in the Right Seat…

Use helium in left main tire…

Thanks for an intelligent answer…she pulls left when taxying so i bet thats it. Thanks


your nose wheel is free-castering. Taxi pull to the left is for the same reason you add right rudder under power. Try putting the centerline between you legs and see if that helps. (assuming you have no cross wind)


I wouldn’t think that would be it, Dan. I believe that if the nose wheel doesn’t lock in upon rotation, it would be a pretty severe pull and would not be consistent flight to flight. It may be that the unit needs a service, but I think the rudder tab is the right place to start.

simple, cheap, and if it doesn’t help, no harm done.