auto-pilot/wing leveler

When wing leveler engaged (flying strait and level) control handle (and aelerons) ‘flutter’ back and forth, continuously. Are other SR-20 owners experiencing same condition? Any solutions?

Yeah, we’ve had this problem. It required the replacement of the autopilot to fix it.


I have had a similar problem with my STEC55 on my SR22. The first unit did not have this problem, but it banked about 35 degrees to the right when making a turn in either nav or hdg mode. It was replaced last week. The new unit still has the bank problem, but it also has the continuous flutter back and forth. I am going to fly the plane with an avionics technician next week to see if we can resolve the problem without replacing the unit, but I am doubtful.


We have the autopilot-aileron problem on our 20 for half a year now. Almost everything involved with the autopilot has been replaced by now, but we can’t get rid of it. Very disappointing.