Will we capture M12 presentations for historical purposes?

There were quite a few great presentations at M12, and many of the slides were shared in the Guidebook mobile app. Will we be capturing those presentations and making them available on the COPA web site?

Hi, Peter!

In general, the answer is no. We video the Annual Meeting and the Safety Standdown (that we schedule to immediately follow the Annual Meeting). Nothing else is recorded.

Our reasoning for doing it this way is pretty straightforward. It’s expensive to record all of the seminars (and everyone has their favorites that they believe should be saved for posterity). And, it adds one more element of complexity to an already complex event. Plus, we believe that it actually deters some people from attending if their main goal is just to view the seminars. Unlike CDMs and CPPPs, Migration is intended to be a social event … with seminars on interesting, aviation-related topics - things of interest to pilots and, in particular, to COPA members. Admittedly, we may add a few things that are decidedly training-related like rust-removal and owner maintenance. However, we try to have those activities outside of the core Migration offering.

Hope this helps clarify…


As a new pilot and COPA member, I was looking forward to getting a taste of the event. As a business owner and father of 4, there is so much pressure on my schedule. I made time for a CPPP in 2014 and plenty of training, but couldn’t also fit in Migration.


You can get your taste by watching the two sessons that were recorded and reading the post-migration article in the Cirrus Pilot Magazine.

Here is the Annual Meeting and Safety standown session. They are on the COPA Safety Channel on Youtube.


Bryan Heitman also had a tape of the chute pullers panel from Saturday morning, but somehow I couldn’t copy the link, so I’m not sure if it is ready for prime time or not.