Why don't actual operating costs exist?

I can’t seem to find any real world copies of operating costs for a SR22. We are looking at getting one and I am trying to get an example of what it will take. Could anybody help me out with this? Please!?!?!? Thank you.

The real world cost is so dependent upon many indivdual factors and what your definition of operating costs includes. Use this spreadsheet to start asking more questions, but expect all in costs of $35,000 a year and up assuming at least 100hrs per year in a used SR22.

the link to your spreadsheet doesn’t work. Any other suggestions?

It appears you are a member right? If so type “Mason Holland Spreadsheet” in the search field and it should come up.


That’s just poetic justice. Even if it worked, it doesn’t REALLY work. It’s kind of like asking, “what is the distance between here and there”?

Try answering the following questions:

  • Variable
  • How much do you pay for a gallon of aviation fuel?
  • What is the average fuel consumption (in gallons/hour) for
    this aircraft?
  • What is the cost per oil change (parts & labor, oil
  • How many hours between oil changes?
  • What is the average oil consumption (in quarts/hour) for this
  • What is the average cost for a quart of oil?
  • How much does a factory overhaul cost for this engine?
  • What is the factory recommended time between engine overhaul
    (hours)? : Will the engine last longer – shorter?
  • What is the cost to overhaul the propeller?
  • What is the factory recommended time between overhaul for the
    propeller (hours)?
  • Fixed
  • What is the Annual Insurance Premium?
  • How much are the Annual Hanger or Tie Down Costs?
  • Estimate cost for annual inspection plus any misc. unscheduled
    maintenance during the year
  • How much will it cost to upgrade the aircraft avionics in 5
    years? Do you even need an upgrade?
  • How much will it cost to repaint the aircraft and refurbish
    the interior in 5 years?
  • Annual Subscription costs for Avionics databases
  • Annual Costs of Paper Charts and Approach Books?
  • Annual Costs of Ground school classes, books,magazines,
    cleaning supplies ?
  • What is the value of the aircraft?
    What is the loan balance?
  • What is the loan interest rate?
  • If you did not own this plane, what interest rate would you
    earn on your money annually?
  • What is the appreciation rate of the aircraft (enter
    depreciation as a negative)?
    When you finish answering all of these questions for yourself, take 2 aspirins, and ask again in the morning.

Why do you all push to pay money to join? I’ve seen that same response on a couple different posts. Why can’t people just share the info? Unless you directly receive the money one would spend to join why wouldn’t you just share the information?

Because it is not my property to share outside to non-members and I believe in the integrity of our rules and regulations. Contact the direct owner of the spreadsheet and he can share it with you. Mason Holland at Eclipse is the original poster of the spreadsheet.

Well that’s a decent answer.


Take this for what it is worth, but if you can’t afford the $65 to sign up as a member, then you can’t afford the Cirrus. Good luck.

Wow, I knew this was some sort of snobbish club (high membership fee, comments like yours…). I guess it didn’t occur to you that it may not be me purchasing the aircraft? Had you known that I have been assigned to to the research part of getting the aircraft and that my employer would be buying it I’m sure you would’ve been much less rude in your response. Thanks for helping me decide not to pay a fee to hear this kind of crappy help.

$125-250/hour, depending on how much you fly (300-75 hours), and ignoring the cost of the capital to buy the plane, which Randy Lambeth accurately says is foolish, but which I find comforting, nonetheless.


If your employer has asked you to conduct this research; then he should welcome and expect that you should have access to the member only area. If they don’t want the type club information; then you will probably not get them all the information that you desire.

This is not about being a snobbish club; this is about having an organization that is around to allow type club members to share their knowledge and experiences.

You have already gotten some pretty accurate and relevant cost experiences.

I would think you would want to be more civil in your responses. This is not a computer type forum where software programmers are rude to each other all the time.

The members of this type club go out of their way to help new or potential owners learn about their aircraft. If you are going to be involved with the operation of the aircraft after purchase; you might want to get to know us and talk with us before you say we are just about getting your $.


Did you ever think about telling the boss you need to spend $65.00 to get the information he needs to make an informed decision? I would expect my employees to do whatever was needed to get the correct answers to the problems I sent them out to fix. Not paying the fee only hurts you and your boss. Good luck in your decision.

Congratulations on breaking the record of how quickly a new member has become churlish. I believe all previous records were set by those who actually became members first.

Sure glad you don’t work for me.

Bryan it has nothing to do with snobbishness nor is it all about trying to get 65 of your dollars…

The members (including me) will always recommend that you join merely because we know firsthand how deep and wide the information is on the member forums. COPA’s 3,000 or so members – not all of them post of course – have entered around 32,000 threads with around 340,000 posts on the member side. Many (but not all) of these posts contain information that you can never hope to see on the Guest forum you are viewing, which presently contains some 5,000 threads and 30,000 posts. Many – perhaps most – of the members never read the Guest forums, so you will never reach much of an audience.

Members have repeatedly stated that the $65 for COPA dues is the most productive money any of us spend on aviation. To repeat, this is intended to address your ill-informed snobbishness post, and not an entreaty to get $65 from you or your employer. Best wishes.

BrYan they are right.
If your employer is serious he needs to be a member.
Who will be the pilot?

If you want a preliminary but surprisingly accurate estimate for costs to operate almost any piston single, multiply the hourly cost of fuel by 3X or 4X. For a non-turbo SR22, figure 13-15 gph x $6/gallon = $78-90/hr so total costs would be around $240-360/hr. Now you can spend many hours of research to refine that number but you’ll be pretty close to the same answer (the last 10% of the work takes the last 90% of the time). As Dennis and others have pointed out, there are too many individual variables to make a precise prediction for each ownership situation. Some owners choose to not include certain costs and arrive at a lower figure than mine.

I use my plane about 100 to 150 hours. Per year. It costs me about 250 dollars an hour and I do not include any engine reserve or depreciation in that number.
Copa is a must to join if either considering or purchasing a cirrus