Why does it prompt me to sign in every time?

Starting last week with the new homepage, I must sign in every time I visit. I’ve selected the remember me box which only seems to recall my username and password. iPhone 11 Pro using Safari. Any help is appreciated.


Could you be using a private browser in Safari?

No I’m not using a private browser. I’ll try google chrome and Firefox to see if that is any better.

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Check if you are blocking all cookies in Settings > Safari on your iPhone

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I have the same issue with my iPhone 12. It recalls my info, but I have to sign in each time. I don’t block cookies, and I stayed signed in with the old home page.

Same problem!

I’ve had a similar problem on my Android phone over the past year although not on every occasion. Sometimes it works by just pressing Sign In and sometimes I have to enter my password, although my password is saved. Somewhat random.

Are you talking about returning here to the forums? Or the main website?


On my iPhone I use an app called Discourse Hub. I find it easier on that platform. I almost never have to re-sign in. I have at updates or something but few and far between. If I do the iPhone knows the password and it is not a hassle, just one more step.

I use Safari on my Mac and Chrome on my PC. I guess you could say I am platform agnostic.

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Whenever I go to the bookmarked icon on my home page.

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Same here

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To help narrow down what you are all experiencing, would you please confirm if you are navigating to the forums directly or the COPA Main Site?

Which of these two urls!




What iOS version are people running?

Also, are you using it as a shortcut on your Home Screen, or just visiting the forum via the Safari or whatever browser?

This one-


Thank you Ed,

We are increasing the login persistence on the COPA main site to curtail the issue members are experiencing.

Going forward, Members should not be required to enter their login credentials provided the device (and browser) they are using to access the site has visited us in the proceeding 7 days, this will be true for both the COPA main site as well as the COPA Forums.

After seven days, or if you log out on any device, Passport (our SSA system) will once again require you to authenticate using your login credentials.

Thank you all for your feedback!


I’ve tried force closing Safari, using the same tab, and using a different browser. All the same. It remembers my login info but seems to automatically log me out again.

www.cirruspilots.org was previously set to timeout after a shorter period of time (around 1.5 days).

It has been adjusted to be 7 days, the same as forum.cirruspilots.org, which should improve things for everyone.

Thanks. If I go directly to the Forums page, it remembers me, so that solves my issue. FYI, if I go to the main COPA page, I still need to sign in each time.