Site no longer fits on my iPhone

The main forums fit, but when I “reply”, the reply box goes “off-screen” on the right side until I “pinch” it closed. Same thing happens when held horizontally. Weird sizing issue. A setting?

What happens when you try and shrink it down on your phone?

It snaps back into place. But the next click will cause the same issue.


Example 2:

Have you tried shutting down Safari (swiping up) and reopening? Otherwise restarting the phone? I feel like I’ve had these issues before but only on the previous COPA software from memory.

I just restarted my phone. Same issue.

If you go to the menu at the top right (just left of your profile) and click on that, the bottom option says “desktop view” (or “mobile view” depending on how you have it set). I’m curious if that makes a difference.


Good evening Tom-

I am unable to replicate the condition on my iPhone, would you please reply with your iPhone model and software version so we may escalate this to the Discourse Team?

All good here too. Anyone with the issue if we can get iPhone and IOS version that would be great.

iPhone 8 Plus, 14.4

I’ll try a software update.

It’s getting worse.

I’ll try to fire up my emulator later and see if I can recreate.

I also have odd fit issues on my iPhone. It’s a 10S and running iOS 14.5.1. Using Discourse hub. Been that way for a while. See screenshots. I have to shift it to the right to see the right edge.

Bottom shot should be on top but you get the point. Top shows the right edge if I slide it there.


Mine does the same.

Chrome on a 12 pro….last software version and current…

Same for me. The screen does an uncommanded zoom in. The correction is to do a 3 finger double tap to bring the screen back to normal zoom. I attributed it to the Discourse app since it seemed to stop when uninstalled, but I’m not 100% sure.
iPhone XR iOS 14.4.2

Updated my software. Same issue.

The issue started maybe a week ago.

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