Why can I not post in forumns

I am a COPA member and the site will not let me post in marketplace

Not enough information. Are you logged in? When you click on “Forums” does it say you have “joined” the Marketplace forum (Topic)?

I strongly suspect you are not logged in. Not sure why. It would help our tech folks if you gave us details of what equipment you are using. For example, PC (or Mac, or iPad…) what operating system and what browser you are using.

When I hover over your name, it looks from the black badges that your membership has lapsed and not been renewed; if you think that is not correct you should contact Donna in the COPA office 702-920-2108:

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.51.54 PM.png


Your membership information does not show any purchase of a PAID membership. Only the non-paid guest membership. If in error, contact Donna as Curt says.

I sent you email to the same effect.

Along a similar topic, i’m trying to figure out how to Start a Topic from an iPad- I’m sure its right in front of my nose

If you mean start a new thread in an existing forum (Topic), try this:

  • Click on “Forums”
  • Click on the appropriate forum (Topic)
  • Click the bright green “New Post” button a little way down on the left side.

OK Thanks… I knew it was too simple …

He’s a CFI, so membership is substantially discounted.

To all I found the problem.

Some how the system registered me as a new account under my other email which I wanted to use for replies when I decided to take a paid subscription to COPA.

This account is the guest membership account.

I found I could log in with my other email and I am a paid member.

I will have to call on Monday to see if Donna can delete the non paid member account to prevent confusion