Cannot access member forum

I just paid my subscription and cannot view anything other than guest forum.
Have logged out and logged in again but still cannot access member forums
Please help

Hi Ellen,

Let me look into this quick for you.


Just sent you a PM.

Still can’t log in as members
How do I access Pm?

Don’t see any pm

Can you see the forums now?

Yes, thanks

It can take a few minutes for your account state to update, I manually granted you access to the member area while the SSO update completes.

You should see all the forums now, this is a temporary fix while the SSO system updates, if you log out, or log in from a different device before the update propagates, you will lose the temp access.

I am unable to give you a precise time, but it will be sometime today, if you lose temp access please let me know and I will restore it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, this is a system issue we are resolving with a future update to our SSO platform in the works now.

Welcome back to COPA!

Logging in from a different device worked, Hans. I will not log out from that computer.
Thanks for your help

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