Where Is Membership Renewal?


I had a really hard time finding the Membership Renewal (or purchase) link on the website. I finally found it but it was well hidden. I would recommend that you make this option more prominent.

It’s in the main COPA website under Account.

Thanks for the quick response. I found it.

Every time I try to use the manage subscriptions tab and move from my guest membership to a paid individual plan, I receive a prompt that says that there was a problem migrating to the new plan. Not sure what this means. Thanks for any recommendations.

I just sent you an email.

You need to put a credit card on file, then do the upgrade process.

I will look into the process tomorrow and see what errors where occurring with your account.

Thanks Erik, I’m sure I’ve already made it to the new site just not sure when I tried to move from guest member to individual member, I receive a red bar across the top of the page that reads "There was a problem migrating to the new plan. Is there a way to put a credit card on file in the guest member side?? Thanks Ed

Found it Eric in Update Payment Methods. I will do that and try again. Did not realize you had to do that before requesting a membership change. Ed

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