Convert a Guest to Member

Anybody know if you can convert a guest to member or do I need to sign up a new account?

You should be able to upgrade your account. Try here:

Tried that one and it asks me to put in new info like I’m just signing up. There is a section under the website that says why I should join but no place I see to actually do it when signed in as a guest. Maybe I’m just not seeing it???

Found it. Under Account next to sign out. I’m a member now!!



Welcome to the Association!

Please pardon the confusion, we are working to make the member signup process more intuitive.

You are presently not logged on as a full paying member of COPA, you will need to Log out of the forums and back in for the change to take effect.

If after logging in you are not able to view the entire forum, log out again, clear your browser cache, and then log back in.

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Thank you sir. Will do. Process was simple after I found the location. Your site was great. I’m thinking we have to blame this one on the loose nut on this end of the keyboard!!!

I’m completely at a loss to find the sign up as a member link… I’m logged in as a guest, but I’m now seriously looking to buy a Cirrus and want to be a member.

Please! Take my money!


Hello Pat,

I’m not affiliated with this site other than being a member. I posted this originally and found the key to converting to a member was at a box for sign out is open there is a choice for become a member I think. I am sorry to say they have been having some issues with service provider and login for the site is challenged at the moment. You really want to wait to sign up before you do anything Cirrus. This is the most helpful knowledgeable group of people you will find anywhere. Well worth the wait!!


@patmiller Welcome to COPA!

Please check your email.

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