What Questions Should We Ask at M4?

It is great to see how many people will be attending M4! I also understand that a lot of people will not be able to make it, so I wanted to open up the floor and find out what you would like to know from Cirrus and other companies that will be attending (Avidyne, Jeppesen, TCM, etc…). I will compile the list of questions and try to get answers for as many as possible.
For those who are attending, this might be a good thread to list what you want to find out, as well.

Some of my questions for Cirrus are:

  1. How is Ian Bentley enjoying the mini-van he purchased shortly before M3?
  2. The Jet (Cirrus employees be warned, any party intoxication however mild will be taken advantage of)?
  3. Are there any more details that can be released about limited known-ice certification for the Â’22?
  4. Is there still a diesel in the SR20/22Â’s future?
  5. A turboprop?
  6. A Garmin autopilot?

A couple for Jeppesen:

  1. How long before we can receive updates via datalink?
  2. Why the hell does everything of yours cost so much? [;)]

For Garmin:

  1. Will the 430 WAAS upgrade be ready for implementation by Oshkosh (or, more accurately, AirVenture 2006)?
  2. Can we expect a follow-on to the GPS396 at Oshkosh (or, more endearingly, OSH) this year?
  3. Since you wonÂ’t answer that question, what features might we expect in a GPS496?

Keep the questions coming! [:)]