What and where is DECC?

What and where is DECC?

Department of Energy and Climate Control.

United Kingdom.

I assume that’s not the answer you are looking for.

Duluth Entertainment and Conference Center


An easy walk from the Inn on Lake Superior.

And no visiting with the Happy Hooker on the way[:)]

Just follow the airplane people, they’re easy to spot.

You can usually go in through the back of the DECC, as indicated by the red dotted line.

Yeah, they are the ones walking around looking up.

All COPA sessions, the Board Meeting and the Trade Show will take place at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) It is a short walk from the Inn on Lake Superior.

Please download the Electronic Guidebook for the event as explained in this thread.

Look in the “Maps” section as there are several maps that provide all the layouts.

Also an easy trek from Fitger’s on the Lake Walk. A walk Ed, that is much more pleasant in September than the last time you were in Duluth… [:)]