Migration 2023 Details & Schedule?

Other than the Registration-Only webpage, have any specific details for attendees been published yet? I note we are 2.5 weeks out and I’ve not seen any confirmation via email or the Forums of

  • Airport/FBO Arrival Details
  • Transportation Details
  • Hotel reservations made via registration
  • CPPP Registration/Location
  • Social Event Schedule/Locations
  • Sunday Departure Transportation

I admit it may be incredibly obvious, but then again I’m Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks ™ so a link would be appreciated. Or do we find it via the Events>Migration>Register link chain?

Thanks for the help!


Finished up airport and FBO details today! I will be sending that out to everyone very soon. There weee a couple of minor details to confirm with the airport that popped up last minute but we’re all good now and the document will be coming out to everyone very soon. This will include all airport, FBO and airport transportation details. The remaining agenda items and times/locations are all on the Agenda page on the Migration website.


Also the hotel has now made the reservations in their system at Loews, so any changes to anyone’s reservation like dates, etc., should be made directly with hotel now.


When are you going to announce the $2.00 per gallon gas price for COPA members?

Eligibility for that discount ended yesterday.

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