What an airplane

Today was my day…

 Bruce and Tom dropped in to give me a ride on N109CD. The SR20 looks great, flys great and it is easy to handle at any airspeed.

 For the people thinking about getting one, don't waist a day, get your position # today.

 For the lucky ones to already have a position number. Let me tell you, you have made a great choice. The only bad thing I did was not get a position much sooner.

 I have always appreciated what Walt and Chris had said about how great it was to fly their machine. I now know what they meant when they said GREAT. The visibility was almost like my old Lancair except I could see the ground in front of the prop, most airplanes you don't see infront specially downward, this was like taking a very slick and fast SUV around the patch. Yes, the stick is in the side, not a problem, very easy and very comfortable. The power lever is different, not a problem. It is located in the perfect place, which makes adjustments very comfortable and easy. The airplane flew very nice and the pilot is in control, you don't have to work hard at all, everything is there at the fingertip. Bruce, the super guy that he is, kept the dirty side down and I had a great time.

 Now for the bad news. Yes, there is bad news. I have to wait until mine rolls out so I too can fly a real airplane (21 century not 1940 era) But the good side of the bad news is ... It is worth the wait. Thank you Bruce and Cirrus

Woor #324