West Coast Pilot Proficiency Program

FIrst, I’d like to thank all the West Coast COPA members who participated in the recent online survey for CPPP.

After reviewing the results of the online survey regarding CPPP participation, we have scheduled the next CPPP for September 2002.

While I had hoped to be able to run a course on the West Coast in May, there weren’t a sufficient number of participants available to make it economic. By postponing the course until September, more SR2xs will be delivered and more owners will have built up more time on their aircraft - thereby giving us a larger pool of owners willing to take the course. For those members who indicated a willingness / ability to attend the May course but were not available in September, I hope circumstances will eventually let you participate in September.

The next step is to firm up the facilities and exact date for the September CPPP.

WIll keep everybody posted.

Bob Price
Cirrus PIlot Proficiency Program