Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program - KVNY - Van Nuys, CA - Nov 8-10, 2013

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The block of rooms for the CPPP will expire October 19th. After this date,
rates and availability are at the discretion of the hotel. Only through
your participation are we able to maintain these important safety programs. We
have put together a great weekend combining social events with a full schedule
of flight and ground training. We’re incorporating new and updated material for
our ground sessions at each CPPP. You will train with some of the best CSIPs in
the country and, in some cases, will qualify for insurance discounts (depending
on carrier). You may also be eligible for WINGS credit for your attendance.

Bring your partner for the very
informative Partner-In-Command course. This is a separate track available
to spouses, significant others, or other non-pilot frequent flying companions.
This course is intended to make the non-pilot right-seater more comfortable in
the aircraft, teach them how to be an active participant in the flight as a
resource to the pilot, and explain the availability and use of safety equipment
in an emergency, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).
This segment is generally offered Saturday morning from 8:00am to

Please show your support by signing up for what is guaranteed to be a fun and
entertaining event. You will meet other Cirrus pilots and are guaranteed to
become a better pilot, and you’ll even have fun. These programs are critical to on-going safety
efforts of COPA and all COPA members.

I know you will be happy you joined us,

Rick Beach

Sherri Taylor

CPPP Co-Chairs