Want To Buy: Sandel SN3308

Need a Sandel. Call Don 303-517-5186 if you have one.

Hi Don,

There are quite a few currently for sale on Ebay.

This is one is $3500 or best offer and came from a SR22:


And this one is $2955.00 or best offer:


Also, I think they can be repaired, as well?

Good luck

Sadly, no they are not supported any longer. You can replace light bulbs but repairs = time to find a used one or repanel with something else. They have replacements but need a new tray and substantial rework which could go toward a glass alternative.

I always liked mine and got good service out of it. It is too bad glass obsoleted it after only a few years on the market.

This great company didn’t think any further then selling a few units. Making sure they had spare parts or at least a reliable supplier ? Probably too much commitment for them.

They offered me to charge me for disposing of my still working but a bit blur unit when I sent it for maintenance. Couldn’t they tell me about the screen non availability before I take the hassle and cost of shipping it from Morocco?

I will never ever buy anything from them. The day my 3308 definitely goes off, there will be plenty to choose from. By this time Garmin G5 or the Dynon E10 will be applicable. Aspen is here to stay.
Worse comes to worse, I’d rather use a steam DG and my iPad (and have 2 spare iPads for redundancy ) than buying a Sandel.

There is no excuse for not telling you before it was sent in. They really don’t make anything they sell that I would buy to replace a 3308. While they have some nice products, the price is very high for a unit with far less capability than other products.