Visor Replacement

Well, it finally happened. After 2 and a half years, I broke one of the sun visors in my SR20 last night. This was one of the “old style” visors, which have since been replaced in newer planes with an improved design.

My plane is out of warranty, but I thought that given there was a design change, I could possibly get new visors for free, even after warranty… at least I thought it was worth a try since I figured that paying for new visors would set me back a couple hundred bucks at least (see these Rosen visors which retail for $259 to $469).

So I sent an email to Carrie Oestreich, who is listed under Cirrus’s web site as the warranty parts contact.

Within 2 hours (!) I had a reply from Carrie saying that the visors were only replaced free under warranty (groan), and that I could purchase new visors for $7 each. Yes, seven dollars.

I had to contact Shelly Storms at Cirrus to buy the visors - I got her voice mail, but received a call back in under 5 minutes (!) and placed the order. With mounting hardware, for both visors, it’ll be right around $20.

Given that I’ve lodged my fair share of complaints here before, I thought I would post how happy I was to get a response back from Carrie and Shelly so quickly, and to be able to purchase the parts so cheaply!

(There was a heated discussion earlier in the week regarding Bonanza vs. Cirrus; I do not know how much the Beech visors retail for, but I am assuming it’s not $7.00. [;)])

You cannot but a screw or a washer for a Beech plane for under $7!
Just another reason to consider a Cirrus.