Vfr insurance

What are odds of a low hour vfr pilot seeking insurance for 2005 sr22?

Welcome, Mark.
As long as you aren’t 70+ years old and are in good medical shape, you shouldn’t have much of a problem other than price. When you get some hours under your belt in the Cirrus, life will be easier.

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I was in a similar position about 18 months ago, getting quotes they were in the $11-14k range. Have my instrument and 200 hours now and pay $7,500 on a 2006 SR22. Get your instrument ASAP.

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No prob at all. I was a low time VFR pilot getting insurance for a new SR22 just a few years ago.

Paid about 2% of hull value as I recall. Went down in year 2 and way down when I got my IFR in year 3 (this year). Now pay about 1.1%.

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What insurance company did u use?

You want COPA member @Ryan_Konrath