Upgrading from a Dakota

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Just as an FYI - Not many of us monitor the Guest section so you might not get a lot of responses. You may want to consider a membership (Only $65 on auto renewal). I promise you will get your moneys worth is less than 5 minutes.

You will get lot’s of opinions (which is good) so here is my two cents -

SR22 G2 or Early G3 (pre-perspective) Normally Aspirated with TKS (G2’s are not FIKI but I THINK that some G3 (all?) are. Others will chime in) should fit you needs 99% of the time. I true out at 172 knots LOP. WHEN you join you will find a great article written by Jamie Steel that goes through all of the models and their equipment.

Welcome to the Cirrus Life. It’s awesome! [:P][;)]

Thanks. If I join, can a mod move this thread to a better forum subsection?

Yes, we could have moved it but I see you are going to.

One other advantage of joining is there are more than 1 million posts of history you can search and probably find anything you are looking for. I look forward to your membership. The Cirrus is a wonderful airplane.

Don’t do it Trygve. There can only be 1 “Super Sweet Dakota” to SR22 owner in COPA and I own that spot! Glad to see you here after our chat last night. Lot’s of good info…

Oh no! Jose has already lead you to the fountain?! You’re doomed. You might as well just get out the check book and buy that plane![:P]

I may have to fight you for the spot. :slight_smile:

There’s a good chance you’ll get a look at my Dakota later this summer on our way back east.

I have reposted my thread in the Cirrus Flying forum:


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