Tuned Exhaust System for the Cirrus SR22

Dear Cirrus Aircraft Owners,

Cirrus owners have expressed interest in a tuned exhaust
option that provides more power…

I am currently developing a tuned exhaust system for the
SR22 (both normal and TAT normalized engine) to increase the engine performance.
The exhaust system will be a bolt on option capable of delivering approximately
20hp to 30hp of additional power. In addition, the exhaust could be paired with
a tuned inlet system to provide even more power.

Right now I’m trying to get a response from Cirrus owners to
see if there is a market for an option like this. Please respond to this thread with any questions
or comments, or send email to CirrusExhaust@gmail.com


I would be very interested if the specs worked out and the price was right. Since I fly the TAT turbo, would also want you to be working with Tornado Alley on this one.

Thanks for posting turrisi!

We will definitely be working with turbo manufacturer for the TAT option.

Keep us posted.

Maybe this is the gorilla in the room, but if 20/30+ hp can be added to the engine performance, why hasn’t somebody (TAT) thought of this before?


While more HP is always desirable; the bigger issue we are having with current exhaust (turbo or non-turbo) is with failures with welds and cracks. So any design/product you create should also focus on improved reliability. Right now there are several SBs on maintenance and inspections that have to be done. In the case of the TAT Turbo exhaust; theirs has to have maintenance done with oil changes.

So your product could have even greater impact and adoption if you can develop a better and more reliable system. TAT has worked hard and had constant improvement with theirs and still have not gotten to a product that last and does not need maintenance on short intervals.

Because the cost is longevity of the moving parts.


Thanks for the feedback. I am aware of the issues the current exhaust are having with cracks. Reliability will be as important as engine performance for the product.

Alec S.

Just curious on what scientific principle you are going to increase power of a turbocharged engine with exhaust system improvements?

Properly tuned exhaust systems will create pressure differentials that help extract the burned gases from the chamber, therefore allowing a much cleaner mixture to enter the chamber for combustion.

I hope this answers your question,

Alec S.


A ripe but limited market for this kind of mod would be the early single exhaust SR22’s. Only a little over 300 were built before the dual exhaust model was introduced. The SE models likely have more back pressure, but we do have more plumbing under there (looks like a plate of spaghetti LOL). In general there are two considerations for those you would need to deal with. A different engine mount and only one exhaust outlet in the lower cowl.

If you did that one I would be interested, I bet it has more improvement potential and it might clean up the engine compartment too.

If you can come up with the magic sauce to impart 20 knots to the average NA SR22 for under 20 grand, you sir, are a genius. I will gladly invest if it passes a rigorous scientific evaluation.

I suspect though that this is highly unlikely to be achieved, but I can dream. I would happily buy this if it didn’t result in all kinds of problems AND didn’t require a major engine overhaul.


FYI, he said 20 HP increase, not 20 KT increase. HP is a notoriously poor way to increase speed and 20 HP would amount to a trivial speed increase, although it would most certainly be noticeable in climb. BTW, I am skeptical of that large an increase from tuning the exhaust too, but I am not skeptical that some increase could be achieved.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy it for speed. But I would if it were a better design than my old single exhaust, which looks like a kludge but admittedly has given good service.

When the DA40 Lycoming 360 got the tuned exhaust treatment, cruise went up about 5KIAS.

MY bad !! Misread it in the excitement …

5kts improvement? A bit more oomph with climb?

Ok… so for 5kts how much per kt? 1k? maybe. 500$/kt ? definitely

Will the stuff crack and break like the 321 stainless? Or will it go scary pinhole style like enconel but last longer?

Inquiring minds want to know!

A 20 hp increase would yield 5 kt or so extra cruise speed. To get a 20 kt increase, engine output would have to be 400 hp or greater vs. 310!

Since most Cirrus (all SR20, and 2003 & up SR22) already have 3 into 1 tuned exhaust, and no room for a crossover system, how would you improve on the design?

Turbos have no extra room for tuned risers ahead of the turbo mount & wastegate. Plus, the manifold serves to hold the turbo & waste gate assembly. Any extra weight will worsen an already nose-heavy airplane. Please elaborate on the potential design.

come Santa, be good, make it, please!!

how about SR20’s, there’s an even worse need for power on those birds. and if you talk about better inlet, how about copying the “power boost” one get on some Mooney’s, basically a bypass of the air filter to allow direct airflow? Say you get 1" extra on MP.

obviously, one would need some discipline to keep it for clean air environment, but it’s a technically cheap and easy upgrade.

i guess i’d be a buyer, for my current 20 or my next bird, a 22