New Exhaust System

I wondered if the newly delivered exhaust systems on the SR22 are yielding different but improved airspeed numbers. If the lucky few who have taken delivery would comment on both performance and noise reduction, I’d appreciate it.


Eric Goldfine
SR20- N112HW


I flew last week with my new 22 with the dual exhaust. I haven’t yet done a careful analysis but on one occasion at 6000 ft around 15C best power (monitor said 76%) resulted in TAS of 175. This is at max gross with lots of bugs on the airplane…reputed to be worth another 5 knots or so. It doesn’t at first glance appear to be faster than book. The new cowl has big flares for the two pipes - I wonder if it might be draggier than the old cowl.

I don’t have any basis for comparison on noise level…a couple of times I flew an hour or more before realizing I left my ANR switch off…quite reasonable noise level but certainly you want a headset.