Trouble signing up

I’ve tried to sign up a few times and am having an issue adding my wife to the reservation. It asks for her email address but not for her name. Nowhere to sign her up for anything. I’m sure it’s operator error. I’ve emailed the migration email several times but no response. Anyone else have issues?

Hmmm, I will forward to the team and ask for some help for you. If all else fails we can get Donna on it.

Thanks Roger!

Steve, sorry you’re having trouble.

The Registration systems allows you to sign up for one person at a time. I’ll share some screen shots.

First, to Register yourself, go to:

Second, Click on “Attendee Registration” at the top right of the page.

Third, Click “New Registration”:

Complete your Registration by filling in the appropriate fields.

Once you enter your registration information, you will see this screen:

Fill in your wife’s information and click on “Register Another”. The next screen will ask for the type of Registration (Full, Two day,etc). The Screen following that will be this one:

That is where you will fill in your wife’s personal information. You will then complete the registration process and will be asked to pay.

I just went through the process so it should work. I’m on a Mac using Safari, but it has been tested for just about every computer and browser configuration.

If you continue to have problems PM me and we will escalate it up through our consultant, Executive Events.

Bill Myers

Migration 16 Chair

And don’t forget to register her for the “spouse event”. I hear it’s going to be spectacular.

Thanks much. Sorry, I thought the Register Another button was to add another person and not the additional information that went with the email address just entered. All signed up!