Email verification not working

A friend of mine is signing up for a COPA account. He got through the registration, but when he clicks the account verification link, he gets:

An error occurred while processing your request
System.InvalidOperationException: Nullable object must have a value. at IdHouse.Web.Areas.Identity.Pages.Account.ConfirmEmailModel.OnGetAsync(String userId, String code, string returnUrl)
// [stack trace continues, lmk if you need more…]

Any workarounds?


Can you have your friend email us at

Thanks for the quick reply Mitchel! Just asked him to email y’all!

He said he still hasn’t received a response. Totally fine if y’all are still working on it, just want to make sure it didn’t go to spam!

@ErikGun and I will look into this

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Thanks for getting this fixed. Now that I again have full access, I can say that I like the improved website.

Hmm, my friend still is seeing this issue and has not received an email reply, other than the automated one. Is this proving to be a difficult issue to fix?


I will send you a private message.

I personally went through all of the tickets and handled them, without an email address I am unable to look it up.

PM sent

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