Topic deleted. Why?

I had a thread up about an inflight issue with a newly installed electronic ignition. The entire thread is now deleted with no message as to why.

Did it get moved out of the guest discussion section? It looks like you have a thread going in the airframe and powerplant category.

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I guess so. All I get when I click that link is a page that says “Oops, that page doesn’t exist or is private”.

Oh well. Guess I won’t update on it.

No, it means your thread has been moved to the more appropriate section of the Forums. Just head on over there and post.

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You appear to be a guest member, as such you do not have access to the Airframe & Powerplant Issues category where you post was moved, if you where a full member previously, your billing information may need to be updated, that data did not migrate over from the previous forum software.

Please PM me or @ErikGun if you need any assistance.

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It could be that you are simply not logged in. That happens once in awhile. Just click the log in button!

That condition would also prevent the user from posting in the Guest forums, Eric’s issue is most likely membership related.