Too cool engine operating temp

Flying from the northwest to Texas, my engine operates lean of peak on the very cool side. #’s 5 and 6 frequently run in the white. And ideas. Outside temps vary between 20-50F.

Assuming you are a member, posting in the Cirrus Flying Forum will get you FAR more help. Many members don’t look at the guest forum.

If you use the search function you will also find numerous threads about this issue.

Do you have a G1? They tend to run very cool. In winter I have a hard time keeping my CHTs above 240. Cirrus does make a winterization kit that closes off the cowl intake. When I tried it the problem became keeping the CHTs cool enough!

Hi there. Are you still flying a 2004 SR22-G2?

Also, do you upload engine data anywhere, such as Savvy etc., where the mechanically inclined could have a look?

If not, it would help to know RPM, manifold pressure, FF, and degrees LOP relative to the peak EGT of the last cylinder to peak. Also, what oil temp. are you seeing in cruise?

Check your GAMI spread. Some 550’s run a little leaner on those 2 cylinders, mine did. Do those 2 cylinders peak first? If they do they are running leaner than the other 4.

GAMIjectors can make those cylinders. If that is true you will run smoother and faster. Plus those cylinders temps will rise. Good luck.