CHT temps SR22T

In the G6 SR22T [ 770 TT ] the last few flights I cannot control CHT # 1 on climb full power full rich. Once it hits 370 degrees it just shoots up and up and I have to stop the climb which makes ATC around London v concerned ! I keep fuel flow in the amber caution range at 40 usg / hr and MP at least 36.5 and still uncontrolled. Oddly since my fuel pump was changed 2 years ago - low boost ON now reduces fuel flow (!) and so in an attempt to cool cylinders I have to turn electric boost off to get enough fuel . I know GAMI say that the rear cylinders run lean - but why recently has my cyl #1 been such a problem . Once leaned in the cruise it’s nice and cool.


If you post up the engine data it can be determined if the indication system is correct.

Have you tried flying out at 130-140 KIAS to get more airflow? Assume you are climbing out at 120 KIAS?

FF is good at 40+

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