TL (Cirrus): Line Cutter Replacement

There have been recent discussions about the frequency with which the CAPS Reefing Line Cutters must be replaced. That discussion has included comments about a forthcoming SB.

According to Cirrus…

There is no SB.

The replacement frequency is described within the appropriate Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM). Cirrus has just provided me with the attached document that has SR20 AMM information at the top and SR22 AMM information at the bottom.

From that document…

SR20 SNs 1005-1026 must have their cutters replaced at three years. After that first replacement, the interval becomes six years. SR20 SNs 1027 onward are already on a six-year replacement schedule.

SR22s are already on a six-year replacement schedule.

The aircraft logbook supplied with you plane may note a different replacement schedule. Cirrus tells me that the AMM schedule overrules the logbook notation.