Line Cutter Costs

Hi all. Question on cost. Could some one give me an indication of the time and parts cost for line cutters in a SR20. Am in OZ but a US price is fine

I’m having my line cutters replaced at my annual which is happening right now. My SR22 Ser#39 has had on the line cutters, a shorter life of 4 years rather than 6 for the newer models. Apparently, the line cutters are the size of two pencils (two for redundancy) and will cost $1,600 to $1,800 to replace (labor 3 hours). The next replacement will be at 10 years when the chute will also have to be replaced.
I called BRS to find out that the line cutter(s) is a small explosive device/charge that allows the aircraft chute after 8 seconds from chute pull to release the straps for the fire wall attachment. If the line cutters don’t work, the plane could descend nose down.