SR20 - 6 year CAPS Maintenance

Hi all,

I’m currently looking at purchasing a SR-20 G2 from a shortlist of 4 aircraft.
These planes are between 4 and 5 years old.
I’m concentrating on the used market for two reasons:
(1) most of the “bugs” (service issues) with a new airframe will have been discovered and hopefully ironed out
(2) An older model will have absorbed most of the initial depreciation.

A fellow Cirrus pilot has made me aware of the unique 6 year CAPS service that will need to be carried out and that the cost will be substantial.
Purchasing a 4 or 5 year old Cirrus means that this service will be not far off.
Can someone please tell me what specifically is required at this service and perhaps their experiences with this?
Also what kind of costs are involved?
I do have a Cirrus Maintenance center in mind but would rather hear from real world users first!
I am aware of the 10 year replacement service also on the CAPS.

As my intention is to form a group around the SR-20 (about 8 members) I’m on a cost breakdown exercise at the moment.
I’m budgeting for the “straight forward” maintenance issues (engine/prop/mags/tyres/inspections) but if anyone thinks they can suggest something that I may have missed I’d be grateful.

Thank you!


The reefing line cutters are 6 year replacement items from date of manufacture, the log books will specify replacement dates. Rely on those, not the date the plane was built. IIRC, the cutters are about 1200 bucks (after a price reduction by Cirrus) and a hour or two of labor. Certainly less than 2K out the door. On a plane that age I would either negotiate a replacement before purchase or ask that they reduce the price that amount and have it done later. But in the scheme of aircraft ownership this is pretty minor.