Tipping Point

An interesting phase shift: for the last couple of days, there have been literally ten times as many postings on the Members as on the Public section of this board. With a several-year archive, there are still more total msgs on the Public board, but at current rates that wouldn’t be true a year from now. The center of gravity has changed.

This is basically a good thing, in showing that rules of accountable argument – everyone has a real name, everyone’s responsible for his own words – make for more useful discussion than the anonymous drive-bys of yesteryear. Only drawback is that many discussions of general interest – connection between “safer” airplanes and “riskier” pilots, insurance trends – are not available for general public view. But life is unfair.

Jim: They are available for public view, but not public reply, on the member’s forum.

Jim: They are available for public view, but not public reply, on the member’s forum. <

Steve, check again what it says on the “Main Index” page.

Jim: I stand corrected. I thought non members could read but not post to the member’s forum.

I, for one, prefer it that way (closed to the general public). Anyone who wants to make a post that would benefit from the input of the public has the option while subjects that are more appropriate for people with a ‘real’ interest in the aircraft can be posted on the private side. There are many things that we discuss and statements are made that can easily be taken out of context (and have) by those with ulterior motives. Any salesperson of competitive makes can print comments right off of the sight and hand them out to the world. Never mind if it’s true, doesn’t matter. The damage is done, pretty soon we are all trying to prop up the bad reputation the plane has for nothing. Example, there are a few posts, that, if taken on their own, would indicate Cirrus has poor customer service. I think that would be highly inaccurate (a few may disagree) and would taint the perception of many that may have otherwise been prospective customers.
I also believe it enhances the value of membership in COPA. The organization’s biggest benefit, right now, is the forum.