Anonymous Posts

Is it time to close the Public Discussion forum to Anonymous Posts ? ?

I’m not suggesting closing the forum to non-members.

Rather, allow either

  • COPA members
  • Non-members who register a valid email address

to post.

The forum software already has that capability.

So, what do you think?

I believe there is little to be gained from allowing anonymous posts. If you don’t have enough conviction behind your statements to sign them why would anyone else bother read them?

Robert: I, too, agree with your suggestion, i hope COPA will implement it soon. We all read every comment carefully posted on this forum. It will carry more weight and conviction if e-mail addresses will be available of all those who post notes, members or non-members…:slight_smile:

I agree too. There are too many people out there with an ax to grind, for whatever reason. If they at least have to share their names, maybe they will think a little more before they shoot their mouths off.

I agree 100% with Robert’s proposal.

its obvious that your afiliated with cirrus or your an investoror possiby connected with mid eastern investment i said ask questions lots of questions …this forum is bringing out the fear and hopefully the truth.also i see cirrus has a.d.notes already out


I strongly concur that eliminating the potential for anonymous posts will not only improve the literary content of these posts, (the primitive and repetitious spelling errors are frustrating), improve the information flow to the group but, it will help us focus in on the truly important issues, ie.: delivery dates, new avionics, training, etc.

Best regards,

Laz Kulcsar
SR22 #143, N1952K

To The Gender Police (Roger Freedman):
Roger, before you reach for your keypad, I used the salutation “Gentlemen” in the well known “genderless mode”…

I agree.

in 3 days over 2 thousand have read it …a lot of people are not bothered with the truth and asking a lot of questions

I am certainly not blind or naive enough to think that everything is perfect in Duluth. Regardless, when I talk with someone at Cirrus regarding a problem, I ALWAYS know who I am talking with and where they fit into the great scheme of things. My continuing problems with anonymous posts, is that I can not make a credible determination of their inputs because I have no way to judge who they are, where they fit into the big picture, and what other agenda they might be promoting.

I have no problem with controversial posts…I just want to know who is doing the posting!

Paul White

I never read posts marked “Anonymous” because I don’t find them useful. Therefore, I find the “Anonymous” feature useful because it saves me time, and I can get through more “real” posts. If a person truly has something of value to say on this discussion board, why hide your name? Unless what you are saying is not credible, or is meant to simply “stir the pot”, and I don’t have time for these posts. For this reason I would suggest not removing the anonymous option, as I don’t think these people will go away, they will just make up names (i.e., “jeff caught jaws” posts on our last board).

Dan Johnson

We are not advocating that you stop asking questions. I stand with all the other COPA members in just requesting that we know with whom we are discussing Cirrus issues.

If you look back, you will find lots of tough issues being discussed in this forum. Cirrus merely monitors the discussions so that they can better meet the needs and concerns of their customers. They do not participate in the discussion.

Thank you for your questions and concerns. They make us all think (even if they are silly). We (COPA members) are more than happy to answer them if able. We would just like to know that you are not some muckraking Cessna dealer.

John “JT” Helms
Non-Cirrus owner COPA Member

To The Gender Police (Roger Freedman):
Roger, before you reach for your keypad, I used the salutation “Gentlemen” in the well known “genderless mode”…

I suppose that’s the same “well known ‘genderless mode’” that Ed Boland used to refer to an anonymous poster as a “d*ckh**d.” (Ed, you were right on the money there — thanks!).
To Laz: a little sensitivity to people different than you is always a nice thing, and will help ensure that others regard you as a gentleman.


This forum as presently conceived and used is becomning more and more boring, not to mention irrelevant.

This is not intended as a criticism, buit simply a statement of fact. Perhaps the only solution is to limit one’s participation to the member’s section only, and forget about this particular forum format for information.

In any event, I commend COPA for its fine efforts and work, both of which are commendable. Perhaps in the spirit of excellence COPA has shown, consideration should be given to revising how this communicative device is managed.