Thank you Clyde

Thank you Clyde for your selflessness :wink: in creating What a great contribution you made to Cirrus and those of us who are owners and hopefuls.

To the creators of COPA, I am beginning to appreciate the subtle advantages of this forum format and style. It will take a few days for us to adopt it wholly but overall I am very impressed.


Mark # 388

Ps - Thanks for the spell checker. It works grate! :wink:

I also want to thank Clyde. I can honestly say that if it hadn’t been for the forum I would not have plunked down my $ to become a SR22 position holder. Cirrus should pay you a finder’s fee.

Thanks from me too, Clyde.

I’d also like to thank Clyde. was instrumental in my Cirrus purchase as well. As to a finder’s fee, I’m sure Clyde would settle for a new SR22 from Cirrus :slight_smile: