Compliments to Cirrus Forum participants

My compliments to the particpants of the and forums. Your enthusiasm, candor and technical savvy have made it easy to decide to purchase an SR22. Thanks.
I’ve learned a lot from reading your posts and surfing many of your excellent links – what a blast! From late August until now, there has been a hugely valuable stream of important issues for me that have been raised and discussed without me realizing what I needed to know!
And so I’ve enjoyed “lurking” on your forum – until now. Your generosity has created another enthusiast.
Which prompts a request – please continue to contribute to the Public Discussion forum. Putting your wisdom behind the members-only veil would greatly reduce the value to people, such as myself, who yearn to understand and become aware of what you have already learned. Sure, there are risks/costs of anonymous posts, but there are many rewards to the community.