Thank to LightSPEED Service in EU

I had a minor problem on ON-OFF button of one of my two brand new LightSPEED XL25, at the same time of one of the michrophone boom arm of my two “30h old” LightSPEED SR20 purchased at Cirrus Design few months ago.

I contacted the company in USA and received few hours later the address of their Service Center in Europe (Audio Acoustics in Germany).

Sent the two headset one week ago there (Germany), today I have received back the two headset repaired well at no cost, including shipment cost.

Very good and very happy about my choice based on equation value for money. Ther ANR system works VERY well, as so as the comfort and weight on my head.

Because is common fix complains when something going crooked, I think right to say “well done” when you reiceve good service!

On another note, called to complain about a defect on a new headset last spring (Christmas gift), they sent a new headset no questions asked BEFORE I sent the old one back. Great company, they really stand behind their products.

HI Maurizio,

Great news for the quality support.
Can you provide me with the full coordinates, since our group owes 5 lightspeeds, and things can happen.

Thanks in Advance

Jaap Zondag
N263CD & N264CD

Hi Jaap,

here the address of

LightSPEED European Service Center:

Audio Acoustics
Mr. Walter Mazanek
Leiblstroll, D-82166 Gräfelfing

Phone: 0049/89-8545194
Fax: 0049/89-87579613

Fly safe.

I’ve had the same experience in the States. The mike started cutting out after 18 mo’s (well out of warranty). They fixed it fast at no charge. I think I’ll stick with them!

I have 4 lightspeeds and am very happy.

MY problem is that unbriefed PAX often put the right side on their left ear (backwards) then pull the mic forwards (backwards) breaking the hinge.

This has happened to be 3 times! I’ve mentioned it to Cor at General Enterprises and each time he has fixed it for me on the spot. Sometimes replacing parts.

Hats off to the whole Cirrus Famlly!

Thanks for the contact though.


“MY problem is that unbriefed PAX often put the right side on their left ear (backwards) then pull the mic forwards (backwards) breaking the hinge.”

thank to you for the explanation above.
Now finally I understood how my son has broken down the hinge…

I will add this items on the “Progressive Aviation Check List” above briefing passenger, just for avoid it happen again![:D]

Good idea, together with and airvent and sick bag briefing.

I once forgot to show someone the airvents and, well, it could have made the difference…