Texas to Costa Rica.....CSIP safety pilot hire

I am wanting to fly my G5 2014 sr22t to CR from Texas. I have over 1000 hrs in this particular plane. I am not IFR certified…would like a safety pilot and a route. Any advice? CSIPs interested please contact me here or by cell 214-734-3686



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When do you plan to do the trip?

I might be available for such a trip if dates work and I have flown to CR.

I would be interested to see how it goes did you follow through. I am going to take my Plane down next year from San Antonio. My flight route would be MRLB to MMTP (have to check in at either MMTP or MMCZ) then my next stop wound be MMVR then up to KBRO. I am just not interested in flying down that direction this time of year way too many weather issues with out good reporting at least from what I can find.

Yes, we flew there.