study "Memory Items" & "Limitations"

Today we launched on iOS EasyMemoryItem-APP 3rd Cirrus - “Cirrus SR20 G6”. Please test in detail and give me answers: What’s wrong? What’s missing? What’s too much?

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Who is we? Is this an app?

Yeah, by the tone of the post, I figured the writer must be famous, known to everyone except me. It happens.

Or a troll…

As I liked the concept I downloaded the app.

I can’t get passed the ‘Create new account’ page as it doesn’t let me fill anything in. Seems like images and buttons are layered on top of each other. Did you test this for an iPhone Xs Max?

Sorry to say this but the UX of the sign up page looks REALLY unprofessional. It does not inspire any confidence at all…

Also why do I need to provide my full address and profile photo for a training app…

Seems to me you need to spend a lot more time on this, including testing in a closed user group, before asking a public forum to spend time on reviewing this. Sorry!

Errors are unpleasant, but also human.

We apologize the inconvenience with our registration of until todays update (1.6.2).

With simple regular trainings, we are able to avoid mistakes when flying. Therefore we have created EasyMemoryItem. After a short training you only need 20 to 30 minutes per month for keeping the (mental) “Level of Fitness” at a high level.

Best, your


Thanks Tino. Thumbs up for solving the bug so quickly! I’ll promise to have another look :slight_smile:

There are two entries for SR20, is there a difference?

These are different models. SR20 G2 was introduced in 2004, SR20 G6 came in 2017. The differences are sometimes big. We try to insert all models as soon as possible. Currently the SR22T G5 is being processed. We appreciate any feedback - only this way it will be perfect!