Updating the nav database - help please

I’m having trouble updating the nav database with the iPad upload. The plane recognizes the iPad as it says it’s ready to upload the current flight plan. It doesn’t however show the wireless indicator .
Can someone tell me what to do here? I’ve watched several videos on this and step by step have followed the instructions.
Please jump in here if you can help.


Are you a member? I ask because you have posted a technical question in the super-general Guest Forum. Many (most?) members don’t even read this forum.

I may be missing something. But if you are not a member, note that you have posted about a technical avionics issue without disclosing anything about the vintage of your Cirrus or the type of avionics you might have. Cirrus come in many varieties and equipment combos. From your post, no one could possibly provide a response without much more information.

If you are not a COPA member, it would be best if you join and post in the correct forum for the avionics you have. You won’t regret spending the $65. Hope to see you on the other side!

Yes Jim I’m a member. Just joined today. SR 22 gen 6 Perspective + .Im frustrated and if I could talk to someone on the phone maybe I could get this straightened out.



Hey Noel, I have a G6 and I would be happy to give you some

advice that has worked for me. 850-973-7401. Lucas


I don’t have admin permissions myself, but if it is possible you might post here to ask if this thread can be moved to the member-side Perspective forum. My guess is you would get good questions and good answers there. I don’t use the Bad Elf myself and AFAIK that is the only way to get databases from the iPad to Perspective. But others are more expert than I am.

Good luck.


If you have a new G6 Perspective + then you should have enrolled in the learning portal. In the Perspective+ transition course there is a very nice module on database updates. Check it out.

Noel, I have an SR 22T G6 with perspective plus. I found the iPad upload extremely frustrating and stopped trying to do it that way. Instead, I simply use the SD card. You will find that there are several ways to do it with the SD card that work. I use the simplest one. Some people will tell you not to do it this way because you’ll end up with ghost files. I have never had that happen to me.

I use Jeppesen data. I’ve never tried this with Garmin data. It works every time with the Jepp data. Start with no power to the panel, remove the flight stream 510 card from the bottom slot and insert the SD card with new data bases into that bottom slot. Then turn on the power and presto, all the magic happens. You need to kill the power to swap the cards again.

I discovered this methodology by searching these forums for information. There is a wealth of information out there on these forms if you use the search feature. Good luck!

On the databases page press the device softkey. that should display the databases it sees on your iPad. You may need to nudge it. Cursor down to the database and press the update softkey to get it to launch. You can also use this technique if the transfer stalls.

This is also covered in the online transition course you should have access to.

If you’re still having trouble, have your SC check the software on your FS510 and update it if needed. You can check it yourself in Garmin Pilot. Select FlightStream.

Here is a re-post from my thread discussing the sw update to the FS510.

My SR 22 G6 NA was delivered in May 2019 with P+ version 2647.N2 and FlightStream 510 S/W version 2.33. Database updates have been working intermittently. Although I could eventually get them to take, it sometimes took repeated tries. There seemed to be an issue with connecting to my iPad via the WiFi.

I took it to Advanced Aircraft in Lancaster, PA to have my GTX 345R transponder reconfigured to permit manual selection of the flight ID (for an upcoming Angel Flight). I mentioned recent database concierge issues to Joel Glover, the DOM at Advanced. After he reconfigured my avionics in maintenance mode to enable the flight ID selection, he also upgraded the flight stream software to current version 2.51 (May 30, 2019).

Garmin has been periodicaly adding these FS 510 software version updates. The 2.40 and 2.41 updates apparently got rid of some bugs:

Version 2.40 (May 18, 2018): “improved Bluetooth reliability” among other enhancements.

Version 2.41 made: “Bug fixes to improve database concierge robustness.”

Mine was built using an FS510 card that did not include these releases. But, Joel had the latest software right on his iPhone. The update only took a couple of seconds.

After this update, I have no issues with it automatically connecting to my iPad to update databases using the DB Concierge feature.


My post above addresses the problem in your thread title: updating the NAV database.

Your question, however, addresses two problems: inability to update nav data and a problem uploading your flight plan. I just want to make sure to respond to the actual problem you’re experiencing.


Thanks so much for your input. I’ve heard several people say the same thing you are telling me. I’ll give the SD card a whirl and see what happens.

Thanks again,


Welcome Noel! Just wanted to throw in that Garmin has an aviation product support phone line and they are very good at walking pilots through issues. I know that they have helped me a few times with our Garmin navigators, etc.

Their phone number for the US is 866-739-5687

Thanks Brian but I’ve watched the training videos- several - and still am stuck.


OK, let’s take it one step at a time. You said you do not see the wireless indicator so that is the trouble spot. Did you ever pair your iPad to the MFD in the past? If not that is the first issue.

Secondly, when you say you are not seeing the wireless connection, do you not see the icon or are you just not able to see it paired to the MFD? Remember you can only have one wireless connection at a time on the iPad. Be sure nothing else is connected to the iPad such as a wireless hotspot from a phone or some other source.