SR20CP app for iphone

Hi folks i have an iphone 3g which i dont want to upgrade to firmware 4.0 due to how slow this firm works on the iphone3g´s.

Unfortunately the sr20cp app on the appstore no longer is available for firms under 4.0

Does anyone has currently an iphone with a firm lower than 4.0 with the app sr20cp installed??

Cause you could send me the app ( 1.5 mb ) to my mail and i would be very gratefull.


It’s my understanding that Apple fixed the 3G slowness problem with the iOS 4.1 update.


I corrected the problem this morning, but unfortunately it may take Apple up to a week to accept the app and make it available on iTunes. As soon as they do, you should get a reminder to upgrade to the new version.

OMg!! thanks, im currently getting my cfi in a school which uses the cirrus and you cant make yourself an idea how usefull that app is for me, specially if they hire me and i start working here, thanks a lot!!, i wasnt expecting seeing the creator on this boards, that is great.

Congratulations for such a magnificent application, there are apps in the store that are payware and they arent a third as usefull as your app.

Thanks again!!

Good work, Bob.

Hey, I forgot to pass along a request from the Cirrus Training Partner Symposium – can SR2xCP handle multiple aircraft? Fleet operators at training schools would benefit from having a set of N-numbers to choose from.


My iFossil 3G runs a lot faster with 4.1.


Coincidentally I’ve begun to address this question per a couple of conversations I’ve had with Trip Taylor. My goal is to combine all of the SRxx models into one app, with a database feature that will allow multiple aircraft. This will also address the European metric question for all models as only the SR22 and SR20 are available now in a metric version.



You really have to start charging for this app. It’s fabulous work, and I really want to see you get something back…mostly so you will keep doing this good work [:D]