Stormscope Issues In G1 SR22

It’s my first time here, apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong place.

My plane is a new-to-me Gen1 SR22 and has a Stormscope and after-market Aspen PFD. I’ve doing my transition training, and I notice the Stormscope says “lighting ahead” a lot. The map on the 430w shows a string of lightning straight ahead and behind me. And there’s no lightning around in the sky.

There’s also this faint siren like noise that goes off randomly. I think it’s related to when the Stormscope thinks there’s lightning, but I’m not sure.

Finally, my PFD sometimes says “AHRS miscomp”. The autopilot still works when it says that. I don’t know if this is related, but I figured I’d include it just in case it strikes a thought for someone.

I’ve asked the CFI doing the Embark training, but he just says it’s fine and he’s not sure what is causing it because the plane is so old and the PFD is after market.

I mentioned the “lightning ahead” and the “AHRS miscomp” stuff to the local Cirrus maintenance place at the last annual when I bought the plane. They checked it out and said “everything is functioning as normal”.

I’m a new private pilot, so is this a big deal? I feel like it is, but the CFI makes me feel like it’s not.

Also, since maintenance previously said everything is functioning normally, but it’s not, any tips for me to better explain the issue so they can find it? Or any helpful wisdom when in a situation like this?

Here is a photo of the lightning on the 430w’s map:

I have a similar setup, and I do not experience your situation.

There are others here that should be able to add more.

When you do sort things out, you have a very capable aircraft.

Good luck!

Not normal. NOT NORMAL…

Try deactivating systems one at a time
and reactivating after noting the influence on the stormscope.

Alt 1
Alt 2
Left mag
Right mag
Strobe lights

Join COPA please tons of valuable info.

The CSIP and CS are at best not helpful… shame.

That is a classic electrical interference pattern likely coming from some thing on the front of the plane. Top culprits would be arcing alternator brushes (sometimes this is an early failure warning). Could be anything electric so as JB said when it happens turn of electrical stuff in order (clear safe VFR of course) for 30 seconds and advance to next thing until you make the noise go away. Clear the scope periodically to make sure it stays clear.

9-3 o’clock is classic for tip light or pitot stuff making noise, for example. 12-6 o’clock is usually something in the engine electric.

I think the AHRS miscompare is probably the turn coordinator crapping out, but will need some G1 Aspen help to confirm that.


You should join COPA and search the database we have on that issue.

I will tell you that many have had Stormscope issues and usually is is something on the plane causing it.

I have a Cirrus of your vintage and it did it for a while. It was devilishly hard to track it down. But it is possible.

There is no siren for SS activation’s, so that is not it.

You left a lot of information that is useful to help diagnosis off. What kind of autopilot? Do you have only one Aspen or multiple displays?

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Your Stormscope picture is classic for some spurious electrical signal triggering the Stormscope. This can be from alternators, strobe lights or other electrical components in the engine.

The ADHRS Miscompare means that the ADHARS in the Aspen is not receiving a signal from either another ADHARS unit or the TC to confirm its information. My guess is that your turn coordinator is in need of replacement.

Thank you! I’ll definitely try this out!

I appreciate the help this community has provided so far, but unfortunately I am unable/unwilling to post online using my real name. While I would love to join COPA based on the information I’m seeing on the guest forum, if tying my real name to an Internet forum is a requirement I’ll sadly have to do without.

Regardless, thank you for the information! I wish I could stay and over the years contribute back after I learn about my Cirrus as well.

Costly decision

It’s impossible to own a Cirrus without COPA and an amazing experienced service center… too many mistakes and beyond expensive mistakes. You have neither…

I’d be dead, broke, or plane less if it wasn’t for 12 yrs of wisdom I’ve sucked down from COPA.

Best to you.

The Stormscope is not just a lightning detector. It is an electrical or “spark” detector and will pick up all sorts of extraneous electrical activity particularly that of which is close by to the antenna. Therefore, what you are seeing is a sign of electrical interference likely coming from your own airplane. Check it out and then join COPS for more advice.
The AHRS miscompare will happen if your two independently functioning electronic gyros are not reading exactly the same reference source. This can happen after an abrupt maneuver or sometimes just happens briefly for no reason particularly is if quickly goes away.

That is your decision. I respect your right to make it, even if I think it is not in your best ownership experience.

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Good luck with your Cirrus ownership experience. You do not need to be a member to come to one of our COPA Proficient Pilot Programs (CPPP). We cover flight and ownership issues there as well. Perhaps we will meet at one someday. They are the best training available for Cirrus owners.

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