SR22 Specifications

Just received the SR22 “Specifications and Description”, along with a purchase agreement.

Here are numbers (some previously posted) and facts from the book:

Max Gross Wt: 3,400 lbs

Std. Empty Wt: 2,250 lbs

Useful Load: 1,150 lbs

Fuel Cap: 80 gal

Oil 8 qts

Powerplant: TCM IO-550-N, 6 cyl, normally aspirated, 310hp @ 2,700 RPM, TBO 1,700 hrs

Prop: Hartzell, constant-speed, 3-blade, 78 in.

Wing span: 38.5 ft.

Cruise speed, 75% power, 8,000 ft MSL: 180KTAS

Max range, IFR reserves: 1,000 NM

Climb, sea level: 1,400 fpm

Ceiling: 17,500 ft

Takeoff, ground roll @ sealevel: 1,100 ft

Takeoff, over 50ft obstacle: 1,600 ft.

Landing, ground roll @ sealevel: 1,020 ft

Landing, over 50ft obstacle, sealevel: 2,300 ft

Stall speed, flaps up, 70KIAS

Stall speed, flaps down, 59KIAS

Vne: 204 KCAS

Vfe: 104 KIAS

Va: 142 KIAS

Electrical system: 24VDC, 10AH starting batter,

7AH secondary battery, 60-amp primary alternator, 20-amp secondary alternator

Primary alternator charges both batteries, secondary alternator charges secondary battery and powers flight-essential equipment.

Instruments: true ASI, electric AI, altimeter, turn coordinator, electric HSI, VSI

Avionics include a two-axis autopilot. It provides roll stabilization, turn command, heading hold, tracking of both GPS and VHF nav receivers and GPS steering. The second axis provides altitude control, including rate of climb and descent.

Those were the things that caught my eye on the first read through the book.