SR22 Pirep

Concerning 960CM; 38 hours, oil usage stabilized, regular oil in it. The problem I had with the rt. fuel tank indication is fixed. The problem was glue remnants on a flapper valve in the header tank. This could definately have led to fuel starvation!! The mechanic also said that Cirrus used the same transfer tube that is used on the SR20. With the bigger motor, fuel is being sucked out of the header tank faster than it is being replaced. It can be a potential problem in low fuel scenarios and the best advice is to change tanks frequently when under 1/2 full until Cirrus decides to fix it.

Also, the database on the Arnav is old or wrong. It does not depict the correct class B airspace at ORD (probably elsewhere also). It will be fixed on a new software update coming out shortly(free to Cirrus owners). Rely on the 430’s not the Arnav for airspace. Other than that this plane rocks!! Great performance, looks, comfort and very easy to fly (and land)!!