SR22 A versus B

I’ve been checking in on the forum off and on for the last few months and am very impressed with the quality of the site and the posts. Since I hold #609 and won’t take delivery until 5/02, I’m trying not to get too excited.

However, my heart has been racing since I finally connected with the Post Office and opened my certified letter yesterday. I’ve been glued to the forum ever since, soaking up the pros and cons of upgrading.

Since I have a family of four and hope to do a lot of flying with the crew, some of it in the mountains, upgrading to A for $47,000 is a no-brainer. I’m having an hard time justifying the extra $18K for option B however. Any additional thoughts from the group on an extra 43o and the Sandel for $18K?

Since I probably don’t have to make a hard decision on the final choice until 6 months away from delivery, this is not a big deal yet. I’ll sign up for option A now and see how the bank account looks a year from now.