SR22 #500 delivered

See the news item at

How did you get tomorrow’s news?


Am I missing something or am I reading wrong. I picked up
my 22 in 8/02 which was the 500th Cirrus built. At least that’s
what the big 500 decal cirrus put on the side of the plane says. My understanding is that this article is about the 1000th plane built.
I think there about 9 months off.


… on AVweb.

I could explain how I’m able to view the future using thiotimoline… then again, I could say that I subscribe to “Propwash,” the daily e-mail news digest from http://aero-news.netAero-News Network. Either one gives a glimpse of the future.


The way I read it the article is about the 500th customer SR22 built (4/03) and your sticker is about the 500th SR2x built (8/02). I don’t see any conflict based upon dates and production rate.